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 webinarblock KGWI 2014: Engaging Active and Passive Job Seekers
This first installment of our annual KGWI survey for 2014 looks at employees' commitment to their jobs, whether they would be likely to resign and their reasons for changing jobs. 
  SM and technology Social Media and Technology
This fourth installment, on the topic of Social Media and Technology examines the way that social media is impacting on job selection, career choice and recruitment in general. Just as social media has changed the nature of communications across communities, it is breaking down barriers in the workplace. Employees are more social and more connected, and want access to the technologies and platforms that will enable them to share their working lives with a wider audience.
KGWI 2013 TOPIC 3 Employee Engagement and Retention
This third instalment of the 2013 KGWI looks in some depth at the employee-employer relationship, including issues such as employee loyalty, happiness and commitment to the job. It also examines views about the employer’s reputation as a preferred place to work, and the circumstances under which employees explore alternative jobs and careers
Workplace Workplace Performance
This second instalment of the 2013 KGWI, on the topic of Workplace Performance explores the way that performance based remuneration is gathering pace, and being embraced by unexpected groups in the workforce.
 Career Development and Upskilling Career Development and Upskilling
 This first installment on the 2013 KGWI, on the topic of Career Development and Upskilling, explores the changing focus on training and skills development, as employees become more proactive and self-reliant in managing their careers.

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