The Next Talent Frontier- Seven Waves of Change 


A business across the globe evaluate and continue to assess their Human Resources requirements, they are being confronted by a daunting array of challenges.

On one hand, in the aftermath of historical highs in unemployment, there is supposed to be an abundance of talent- yet attracting the best people is more difficult than ever. A proliferation of new social networking and database technologies is transforming the way people look for work.



01 Globalization is unstoppable 

02 HR 1.0 is dead. 2.0 is on the critical list. What does 3.0 look like?

03 Mopping up after the war for talent 

04 Talent is where it is / 14

05 The rise of the Millennials (and watch out for Gen B) 

06 The knowledge worker—the new rock star

07 We are all temps now 

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