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 Talent Acquisition  Talent Acquisition

 don't tell me show me Don’t Tell Me Who You Are… Show Me 
What unites your most dedicated employees? What makes working for your company different from others in your industry—not from the perspective of marketers and professional image-makers, but based on what your employees feel about their daily routines and each other? Most job candidates see through employer brands that feel too scripted and too perfect. They don't want to be told who you are; they want you to show them. 
  Effective customer comunication Optimizing your professional and technical workforce 


Asia Pacific is home to seven of the world's most populous countries with 4.1 billion people - more than 60 per cent of the world's population. As the markets in Asia Pacific increasingly transition to highly industrialized and service-facing economies, this transformation creates unprecedented demand for talent who are highly skilled. Workforce analysts project that job growth over the next decade will be particularly evident among professional and technical positions, which include accountants, business managers, engineers, medical doctors, scientists and information technology specialists.
  Getting the job you want The Next Talent Frontier- Seven Waves of Change 
A business across the globe evaluate and continue to assess their Human Resources requirements, they are being confronted by a daunting array of challenges. On one hand, in the aftermath of historical highs in unemployment, there is supposed to be an abundance of talent- yet attracting the best people is more difficult than ever. A proliferation of new social networking and database technologies is transforming the way people look for work.
 Effective time MGMT  Understanding and Leveraging Generational Diversity for Organizational Success
The business world is becoming increasingly global. Services and products offered by businesses are also becoming more focused and targeted at specific demographic segments. In addition, many organizations today have clients all over the world who demand excellent services and products that meet their diverse needs, expectations and priorities.
  9 ways HR 9 Ways HR must adapt to find talent 
A couple of hundred years ago, talent (or labor) was a simple commodity. The rich and powerful had access to as much labor as they needed, and those with the discipline and ability to work, did. The supply-chain, and the transaction between employer and employee, was straightforward.

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