Social Media and Technology

Social Media and Technology

This fourth installment, on the topic of Social Media and Technology examines the way that social media is impacting on job selection, career choice and recruitment in general. Just as social media has changed the nature of communications across communities, it is breaking down barriers in the workplace. Employees are more social and more connected, and want access to the technologies and platforms that will enable them to share their working lives with a wider audience.

Socialising recruitment 


Social media in recruitment has altered the way people search for and communicate about work. It’s emergence is opening up a plethora of connections where people are willing and able to share information, views, encouragement, and even alerts about prospective job opportunities.

Becoming social— Opening the window on jobs

We are all becoming more connected and more social in our interactions and this is extending to the way we converse about work and jobs. 

Social media has made it easy to pass on information and insights about employment opportunities. Tapping into people’s social networks vastly expands the pool of possible job candidates. It also makes the job-search exercise less a private pursuit and more of a shared experience.

The power and the speed of this transformation is having a significant impact on recruiting techniques, but is sometimes overlooked by managers and employers.