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15 Questions

15 Killer interview Question

You have secured yourself a first interview and you need to be prepared. We bring you 15 killer interview questions to help you prepare for your face-to-face encounter and stand out from the crowd.
2012 KGWI 4

Taking Your Career Forward Guide

Regardless of what stage your career is in, mistakes can happen when you are job-searching. At Kelly, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide that will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes and make the most of your career search.




  Reconstructing Leadership

Reconstructing Leadership 

Business people never grow weary of chasing it or proclaiming it. Even though the basic elements of leadership remain constant, we always grapple with how to be leaders among our competitors.
Leadership Disconnect

Are CEOs expected to be magicians 

This whitepaper explores the array of demands confronting contemporary CEOs and looks at how well they are handling them, while also examining the way in which important business decisions are being impacted by sustained pressure for rapid results.

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Talent Acquisition

Sag mir nicht wer Du bist  Don't tell me who you are, show me 
What unites your most dedicated employees? What makes working for your company different from others in your industry—not from the perspective of marketers and professional image-makers, but based on what your employees feel about their daily routines and each other? Most job candidates see through employer brands that feel too scripted and too perfect. They don't want to be told who you are; they want you to show them.
 9 ways HR   9 Ways HR must adapt to find talent
A couple of hundred years ago, talent (or labor) was a simple commodity. The rich and powerful had access to as much labor as they needed, and those with the discipline and ability to work, did. The supply-chain, and the transaction between employer and employee, was straightforward. 


 Salary Guide

On an annual basis, Kelly Services will compile an Employment Outlook and Salary Guide, a comprehensive reference tool on the salary trends, job titles and employment outlook across industries.



 Workforce Trends Index

Workforce Trends          

 SM and technology Social Media and Technology
This fourth installment, on the topic of Social Media and Technology examines the way that social media is impacting on job selection, career choice and recruitment in general. Just as social media has changed the nature of communications across communities, it is breaking down barriers in the workplace. Employees are more social and more connected, and want access to the technologies and platforms that will enable them to share their working lives with a wider audience.
Workplace Workplace performance
This second instalment of the 2013 KGWI, on the topic of Workplace Performance explores the way that performance based remuneration is gathering pace, and being embraced by unexpected groups in the workforce.