15 Killer Interview Questions

15 Killer Interview Questions 

So here you are!


You have gone through the CV screening, an initial phone interview and now you are at the final step : a face-to-face encounter.


Before stepping into the ring, you need to get ready for some questions/tactics. Especially when the interviewer has difficulties understanding whether you are the right candidate, or if you have simply learned The Big Book of Interviews by heart.


The goal of a recruiter is not to trick you or to make you fail. His/her aim is to ask you unexpected questions which will force you to think thoroughly and provide a more authentic answer.


The recruiter wants to validate the potential alchemy between you and the job. Get ready to answer those questions, without knowing them by heart. Pausing to think and anticipation will help you to build a strong speech.


Do not forget that those questions, as innocuous and trivial as they may sound, are asked to test you.
Don’t be too intimidated. Do not contradict yourself and try to remain consistent from the beginning until the end.

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