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Women in STEM

Women in STEM

If we’re going to make a dent in the massive talent gap in the STEM fields, we have to start engaging more women now, and we have to work together to do so.

Tipping the scale towards a more optimized and gender diverse STEM talent pool takes more than just ramping up recruitment efforts—it requires commitment and effort from all parties involved, from parents and teachers all the way up to executive leadership in the world’s leading STEM companies.

To begin closing the talent gap, we must create an inclusive environment that facilitates greater engagement and retention of females in STEM. We must make it a priority to eliminate bias and barriers, to deliver top-down support and institutional accountability. We have to focus on providing greater mentorship for women in STEM, and increasingly raise diversity scores—because there’s a lot at stake—not just for your company, but for
the future of the STEM industry.

As a pioneer in the staffing industry, and in the study of workforce preferences, Kelly Services takes a high-level look at the need to address women in STEM, as well as the factors that play a role in successfully engaging them for long term benefit to your organization.

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