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Five Perks To Woo Employees
Every manager knows that turnover is costly for the company and has the potential to lower employee morale. Currently however, Millennials are the largest generational group in the workforce—and they’re more prone to “job hopping” than previous generations. Because of this, companies that want to attract and retain top talent need to go the extra mile and, in addition to good salaries and benefits ... Read More
2017 Q1 Global Talent Market Quarterly
Despite considerable uncertainty in the political environment worldwide, global economic and labor market growth is projected to strengthen in 2017 and 2018, led by key fundamentals including US expansion, dollar appreciation, and higher commodity prices. While the current outlook remains positive, risks also abound, as the world waits to see how the policies of a new presidential administration i ... Read More
Q3 2016 Singapore Talent Market Update
Overall unemployment remained unchanged in September 2016 at 2.1% from March 2016, decreasing for residents and citizens. Total employment decreased by 2,700 in Q3, following slower growth in Q1 and Q2. Construction lost 5,300 jobs while manufacturing lost 3,600, while services added 6,300 workers. 4,220 workers were made redundant in Q3, with layoffs in manufacturing and services decreasing, but ... Read More
2016 Q2 Singapore Talent Market Update
Overall unemployment rose in June 2016 to 2.1% from 1.9% in March 2016, increasing for residents and citizens. Total employment increased by 5,500 in Q2, at a slower pace than the previous quarter (13,000) and from last year’s Q2 (9,700), amid subdued global economic conditions. Employment growth slowed in services which grew by 8,600, manufacturing which lost 3,400 and flat in construction which ... Read More
Women in STEM
Women in STEM
16 Sep 2016
If we’re going to make a dent in the massive talent gap in the STEM fields, we have to start engaging more women now, and we have to work together to do so.Tipping the scale towards a more optimized and gender diverse STEM talent pool takes more than just ramping up recruitment efforts—it requires commitment and effort from all parties involved, from parents and teachers all the way up to executiv ... Read More
Q1 2016 Singapore Talent Market Quarterly
Overall unemployment at 1.9% remained unchanged in March 2016 relative to December 2015, declining for Singapore citizens and residents. Unemployment increased for residents aged 30 and above, offset by a decline for residents below 30, due to lower labour force participation among youths. Total employment grew more slowly in Q1 2016 than the seasonally high growth of Q4 2015, but faster compared ... Read More
Q2 2016 Global Talent Market Quarterly
The global economy is forecast to expand by 2.6% in 2016, but that moderate growth rate masks a variety of divergent economic conditions and risks among markets. Most developed economies are expected to see solid if unremarkable growth, but all are vulnerable to political, social, and market risks. Emerging markets are a study in opposites, with deep recessions in Brazil, Venezuela, and Russia on ... Read More
Salary Guide 2016
We are pleased to present the 2016 Kelly Singapore Salary Guide, a comprehensive reference tool which provides an insight to the latest salary ranges for various positions across industries in Singapore through a compilation of salaries and job titles recorded on the database of Kelly Services Singapore.   We trust you find the ‘2016 Singapore Salary Guide’ useful. We are on hand to provide ... Read More
2015 Q4 Singapore Talent Market Update
The overall seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped to 1.9% in December 2015 from 2% in September. Resident and citizen unemployment rates also fell as the total employment grew by 15,500 roles. There were 3.6556 million people employed in December 2015, with unemployment rate remaining low at 1.9% for the entire year. ... Read More
2016 Q1 Global Talent Market Quarterly
The outlook for the global economy in 2016 is uncertain, with financial market volatility, depressed commodity prices, and slowing in key emerging markets keeping growth prospects muted. Brazil and Russia face continued recessionary conditions, while China’s economic momentum continues to cool amid stock market instability and structural challenges—all leading to a significant amount of labor mark ... Read More