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Silk Road
The world has always been a web of interwoven trade routes. Within these, Asia’s dominance as an exporter is a long-held tradition that has been the foundation of great empires and dynasties.Today, Asia-Pacific—and in particular the fast-emerging nations in its midst—is once again taking centrestage in the worldwide marketplace. However, Asia’s days of being known primarily as the world’s producti ... Read More
Gen Now Image
You’ve read plenty about the challenges presented by the multi-generational workforce. You get it. The generations are wired differently, they work differently and organisations have to adapt or they’ll go the way of the dinosaur. Improving productivity, reducing turnover and building your talent supply chain across four diverse generations is imperative for organisational success as we stare d ... Read More
Remote Work Under the Microscope Cover Image
Two major Fortune 500 employers have made headlines recently by announcing that they are eliminating or significantly reducing opportunities for their employees to work remotely. Response to the announcements came quickly from business analysts and the mainstream media, speculating about the effect these decisions would have on the companies and their employees and how those effects might eventual ... Read More
Mapping the Value of Talent Acquisition Image
About a year ago, I was participating in a series of team meetings when I noticed that one question kept resurfacing: “How can we demonstrate the value of talent acquisition?” While the discussion moved to other topics, this question remained unanswered. Cost, quality and speed have underpinned the value-proposition of the talent acquisition function for many years. It has been defined by metric ... Read More
Dont Manage Me Understand Image
So, you’ve been working on your adaptation strategies…how’s that working out so far? Have you started to see progress within your organisation? How about within your department? We know the typical response—it’s out of your direct control, right? What about those factors that are within your control? Have you personally made any changes in the way you manage or interact with Gen Ys? The simple fa ... Read More