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The Effective Cover Letter
A well-written cover letter should be a part of any job search strategy. It provides an additional opportunity to market yourself and can establish you as a potential candidate and set you apart from other applicants.Use the following template to help you write an effective cover letter introduction, main body and closing. ... Read More
Social Media and Your Job Search Video
Social media is a big deal today. In the job search process, social media can help you connect with HR professionals and hiring managers and ultimately lead to career or internship opportunities at a wide range of companies. But social media can also be damaging if your profiles are not professional and geared toward the opportunities you wish to be considered for.You can also download our compreh ... Read More
Job seeking while employed
It’s possible to explore new job opportunities without alerting your boss, alarming your co-workers, or burning bridges with anyone in your current organization.Unfortunately, some job seekers are careless, leaving an unnecessary trail of burnt bridges on their way out the door. Others who tip off their employers to their job search intentions, and then opt to stay at their current position, find ... Read More
The Tools You Need to Start Moving Forward
You’re ready to move forward. You have the skills, the experience, and the drive to take that next step in your career. All you need now is the right opportunity.So now what? This guide will help to move your career forward.Topics Include: Networking opens doorsJob seeking while employedSocial media and your job searchWorking with a recruiterImpress with your resumeThe effective cover letterNailin ... Read More
Following Up After the Interview
Your work isn’t done when the interview ends.Take the following actions within a day to establish yourself as a front-runner: Conduct a self-assessmentSend an email, letter or note to each interviewerHighlight and emphasize to stand outFix a missed opportunityNext steps after follow up and thank youDealing with rejectionYou can also download our comprehensive guide that will help to move your care ... Read More
Working Socially Image
Your career network will include most people in your regular, professional network and some additional contacts. The key is to create your career network before you need it. If you wait until you start a job search, you’ll lose valuable time establishing an active career network.Who Should Be In Your Career Network The short answer: Anyone and everyone who could help you with your job search. It s ... Read More
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Flexible Working
23 Jan 2014
Essential know-how from Kelly ServicesDemand for temporary and contract workers continues to rise as flexible working becomes a way of life in many companies. Temporary staff are becoming an integral part of business and the best can expect rich rewards. So whether you are a student looking for holiday work, a college leaver just setting out into the workplace, in a permanent job but would like to ... Read More
How to Adapt to the Talent Gap Image
 The perception amongst many is that people are still being turned down for jobs because they are considered too old. That's why leading recruitment organisation Kelly Services has put together different ways to beat the Age Barrier and succeed at work. Taking stock and looking aroundIf you aren't sure about what type of work you want, take stock of your own situation and think about:your stre ... Read More
CF Interview_180x180
No matter how impressive your resume, a great interview can always increase your odds of landing a job.Consider the following points as key elements of a great interview. You can also download our comprehensive guide that will help to move your career forward. Topics Include:NetworkingUsing social mediaUnderstanding the recruiter relationshipEffective resumes and cover lettersInterviewing and foll ... Read More
CF Cover Letter_180x180
A cover letter provides an additional opportunity to market yourself. It can establish you as a potential candidate and set you apart from other applicants.Use the following template to help you write an effective cover letter intro, main body, and closing. You can also download our comprehensive guide that will help to move your career forward. Topics Include:NetworkingUsing social mediaUnderstan ... Read More
CF Resume_180x180
Your resume makes an impression that can determine whether or not you will be invited for an interview. Your goal is to craft a powerful document that shows off your accomplishments, experience, skills, and strengths.Consider the following guidelines when creating your resume.  You can also download our comprehensive guide that will help to move your career forward. Topics Include:NetworkingUsing ... Read More